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Peace of mind of having your back covered

Is Technology slowing you down?

DeskPal empowers marketing departments to focus on what they are good at without worrying about technology.
You get access to the world's best tech professionals for website maintenance, content setup, tech support & design.

"The best value for your money!"

Brett can focus on selling while we take care of his clients' sites.

Owner of LeVerb Design

"I know they are always there."

Roger can spend more time with his customers.

President of Connoisseur Consulting

What clients say

I've worked with Aderson on several projects and now I'm a member of He helped me move my large website site to a new server and has done several upgrades including a new skin. I can't imagine running my website without the help of Aderson and his team at DeskPal.

Jackie Lange
Jackie Lange

Cash Flow Depot
Dallas, US

The team at DeskPal has been extremely helpful, professional and easy to work with. Not only they save me time, but they can also find solutions that I could not find on my own. I am looking at working with DeskPal more closely.

Monica Paolini
Monica Paolini

Senza Fili
Seattle, US

I have been very happy with the DeskPal team. I am responsible for supporting many websites, and to have the DeskPal team behind me to take some of the burden off is incredibly helpful. They have been able to handle all the things I have thrown at them so far. I highly recommend Aderson and his team for your site support needs.

Bill Oncay
Bill Oncay

Boston, US

For us, DeskPal has been a game changer. We were about to give up our website due to numerous small issues we could not solve. DeskPal has fixed them all and we are feeling more enthusiastic than ever. With DeskPal at our side, we are sleeping much better.

Peter Jochumzen
Peter Jochumzen

Lund University
Lund, Sweden

I signed up with DeskPal a few months ago and since then, whenever I am in a jam with my website and cannot find the solution, Aderson and his team come to the rescue. They are also a pleasure to work with.

Jodi Buckley
Jodi Buckley

Graphic Integrity
Trumbull, US

It is a pleasure to work with DeskPal, because they go the extra mile to keep their clients happy. Not only the support is professionally performed and delivered in a timely fashion, but they are always on hand with great understanding to resolve that odd, frustrating, small, unforeseen issue, that makes the solution perfect.

Roger Harley
Roger Harley

Connoisseur Consulting
Ottawa, Canada

What we offer

Content Management

We will professionally setup up your pages, content and articles


Need to design a new landing page? Create a new banner? We can do it for you

Technical Support

Your website seems to be broken? Need to talk tech with your IT group? We can be there for you

Search Engine Optimization

Having problems with Google? We will audit and apply fixes to your site

Community Management

Do you need help with your social presence? Do you want to be more active on social media?

Task Automation

Are you always taking care of the same things? Would you like to have someone taking care of the routine tasks?

"I am up and running without losing days of work"

I have been working with websites since 2004 but I know enough to let the experts handle the real problems that arise. After corrupting a site install, I found DeskPal and Aderson. They immediately responded to an actual phone call with a real person. They took my information and determined that my issue was one that they would tackle. The problem occurred on a Wednesday and by Friday before lunch my issue was resolved. I am up and running without losing days of work by having to do server and sql database restores. DeskPal will become my first phone call in the future for issues and website consulting.

Michael Hamlett
Michael Hamlett

Golden Corral
Raleigh, US

Who's The Team

Pablo Pascual - Business Development

Pablo Pascual

Business Development

Chinyere Emmanuella Akaigwe - Communications

Chinyere Emmanuella Akaigwe


Emsad Ahmetasevic - Developer

Emsad Ahmetasevic


Edin Omicevic - Junior Developer

Edin Omicevic

Junior Developer

Aderson Oliveira - Web Hero

Aderson Oliveira

Website Hero

Joe Craig - Helpdesk Wizard

Joe Craig

Helpdesk Wizard

Tiago Tavares - Design Master

Tiago Tavares

Theme Master

Sergio Castro - Business Guru

Sergio Castro

Business Guru

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