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DeskPal has been collaborating with Learning Ally, a non-profit organization that provides digital literacy and educational tools for people with learning disabilities, since 2021.

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DeskPal Collaborates With Learning Ally

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DeskPal has been collaborating with Learning Ally since 2021. Learning Ally is a non-profit organization that provides digital literacy and educational tools for people with learning disabilities. Although they had made a lot progress on their own, Learning Ally realized that they had to work with a team of developers that would give their customer-focused website the facelift that it desperately needed.

The Problem

Before DeskPal, the marketing team at Learning Ally had to do most of the updates, and it wasn't going well. None of them could make the adjustments and run the website properly. Although Learning Ally had a team of tech professionals, they were more focused on developing and updating the digital products that the company was producing. They didn't have the time or ability to carry out their activities and run the website.

How Did They Find DeskPal?

Learning Ally soon realized that they needed a partner that could focus on updating and managing their customer-facing website. When DeskPal came on board, things became a lot easier for Learning Ally. They could finally focus on their digital products while being assured that their website development needs were being taken care of by a team of experts.

DeskPal ensures Learning Ally's website is compliant with accessibility, that their updates are delivered on time, and they always have a well-designed functioning website. DeskPal helped Learning Ally making all the necessary changes and adjustments to their customer-facing website.

Why DeskPal?

Learning Ally started as a non-profit organization focused on helping people who couldn't access conventional education due to learning disabilities. In recent years, it evolved into a tech start-up providing literacy and educational tools for people.

The team at Learning Ally didn’t have a lot of awareness or expertise concerning SEO, website updates, CMS, etc. Having DeskPal taking care of their website needs allowed them to focus primarily on creating and managing their digital products. DeskPal also helped Learning Ally to get their message to their audience in a better way.

What Happened Next?

DeskPal took over the website development, and Learning Ally made significant progress in producing more digital products and reaching a wider audience. Technology was no longer a roadblock for Learning Ally, instead becoming an enabler of their marketing efforts, helping the organization to grow significantly.

The Future

Currently, Learning Ally is looking to expand and separate their website functions. Their website works as both a customer-facing website and part of their product offering. According to their team, these functions need to be distinct. Learning Ally is also looking to use a new Content Management System that can provide more flexibility and better integration with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot. Although they are not yet ready to move forward with it, research has commenced. WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager are tools being considered now and DeskPal is assisting in their decision-making process.

With DeskPal's exposure and expertise in several CMSs, we can offer the solutions that Learning Ally needs to create an excellent content management strategy. This collaboration will result in more opportunities for Learning Ally to grow as a player in the EdTech space and significantly impact more people's lives. Learning Ally’s mission is to end the literacy problem by 2040 and ensure that children all over the country have access to education. With DeskPal’s help, this dream is on its way to becoming a reality.

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