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LeVerb Design

LeVerb Design

Too Many Problems

Started around three years ago, LeVerb was started by Brett Levert as a hobby, helping out his friends with the occasional website and online work.  Once news of their work spread, it wasn’t long before 3rd-parties were contacting them to design and manage their websites.  What makes LeVerb different to other companies, is that they don’t take on project unless there’s a contract.  The benefit to this, is that it builds a relationship with the client from the start.  The main work that LeVerb does involves website updates, social media, SEO and advertising.

The Problem

Initially, all the web design, troubleshooting, and updates were all managed by Brett, however after a while, the workload became too much for him to handle.  Brett then started outsourcing work to designers, SEO experts, and programmers, in order to maintain his daily output.  This solution worked for a while.  However, the problem with hiring external help, was that LeVerb’s customer service took a nosedive.  So LeVerb hired account managers, who were trained by Brett himself to sort out everything.  And each account manager was given up to 10 sites to manage.  LeVerb was looking to expand rapidly, but due to the ever-changing technological world, an increasing volume of problems were being encountered daily, and eventually work started grinding to a halt, and expansion could not take place, with clients waiting for their problems to be solved daily.

How did they find DeskPal?

LeVerb started looking on (Formerly ODesk) for freelance help.  However, after a few bad experiences from solo freelancers, resulting in poor work quality, LeVerb started looking for a team of problem solvers that specialized in web-support, design, and SEO.  After reviewing a number of teams, LeVerb decided on DeskPal.

Why DeskPal?

The reason why DeskPal was chosen was a simple one.  The flat-rate system.  The problem with online jobs, is that a lot of them are quite technical, and it often can take quite a while to explain the problem to someone before it can be solved, as it often would take as long to explain the problem, as it would take to fix it themselves.  Because DeskPal charges a fixed fee per month, LeVerb’s main reason for hiring the team, was that they could have a problem fixed within a 30-minute window, without the need for lengthy explanations.

What happened next?

Upon hiring, DeskPal started to take over the technical aspects of LeVerb’s websites.  From bug-solving, to SEO, no problem was too difficult!  The ease of mind provided was such, that LeVerb simply deferred problems and tasks that they received from their clients to DeskPal, and they knew that the job would be done in a timely fashion, with the same level of quality that LeVerb themselves are used to giving to their clients.

The Future

What does this mean for LeVerb? Because of the technical skill level of DeskPal, it means that LeVerb has started focusing on what they’re specialized in, namely marketing and selling, leaving the technical aspects of their work to DeskPal, which shows not a business contract, but rather a partnership between two companies.

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Brett Levert

Owner of LeVerb Design

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