HYPERblogging - Interview with Greg Newell from 50 Bubbles

HYPERblogging - Interview with Greg Newell from 50 Bubbles

Hyperblogging: What is it, and how does it work?

Hyperblogging is a new term used by Greg Newell, President of 50Bubbles and it's to do with optimizing blogs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), with the results being a page appearing in the "Page 1" section of a google search. Greg recently spoke to us in an interview on Hyperblogging, and how his company uses it.

Who is 50Bubbles?

50 bubbles started as a web development company in 2004, and in that market they discovered quickly, that everyone with a copy of FrontPage was their competition. However, just because they were all in the web development market, not many people understood how to show up well in search engines.

When 50Bubbles noticed this, they switched to focus from web development to SEO. Even though today they are still known as a web development company, they're better known as a SEO company. They outsource a lot of their work such as web design, development, and hosting. However when it comes to SEO, and physical optimization, they do all of this work in-house. In the process of that, they have discovered some techniques that aren't widely available or understood, but they work phenomenally well, and that's what we're talking about today.

Where do they work?

50Bubbles does business locally, rather than focusing on international markets. Why is that? This is because they like to be open and up-front with all they're doing for their clients. Many companies that pay for the SEO services of others online don't know what exactly is happening with the SEO work done on their site.

They just get a monthly bill. Whereas 50Bubbles meets with their clients once a month to explain what they have been doing for the clients' site. They go over the process, and explain all the ins and outs of their work. They don't manage the content of the client's pages, or tell the client what to write. They encourage their clients to run their website as they would any other part of their business. They merely give them guidance to be able to do it in a way that makes it worthwhile.

Who can Hyperblogging help?

The clients that 50Bubbles works with are small local businesses that would typically be marketed in the local yellow pages, such as doctors, lawyers, plumbers and such. The focus of the SEO is to increase local traffic to the business. This is aimed at attracting foot traffic, rather than national traffic.

What is "Hyperblogging?"

Hyperblogging is optimized blogging. One would think that blogs and blogging would be optimized for search engines from the start. However no one knows how a blog will actually show up in the search until they test it. 50Bubbles have tested various blogs and blog posts, and discovered what works, and what doesn't. Because of that, they use Hyperblogging as a way to optimize the blogging process.

One unique aspect of it is that hyperblog must have a very specific theme to it. Most businesses start a blog for the sake of blogging, and misunderstand the value of having a targeted and themed blog. Hyperblogging is very targeted at a very specific theme for search engines.

What do you mean by "theme"?

What you need to keep in mind is that you're not writing for Google's benefit, you're writing for the user. So a click-through rate is more important than a keyword. That's not to say you should ignore optimization however. The page should be optimized for SEO, with the correct keywords in the page title, and in the title of the blog post. However, the content of the blog itself needs to be more conversational with the end user.

What's involved in Hyperblogging?

As part of his Hyperblogging process, Greg removes the time/date stamps from blog posts. The reason for this is quite simple. Many businesses create blogposts infrequently, and because of this, if google looks at the date posted, it will give a lower priority to posts made a while back, giving priority to more recent posts in its searches. The other reason for this is to make the website seem more like a website to viewers, and less like a blog. One way that can be done is to structure the formatting of the blog titles in a "Frequently Asked Questions" format. People that come to a site already have questions, so answering one that they have will get them to click "read more". This will reduce your site's bounce rate.

An unspoken rule of hyperblogging is "Don't mix subjects". 50Bubbles organizes blogs into various subject lists, rather than just having one long list of all blog posts published. If you click on the subject, you will be shown the titles and teaser text of blog posts related to the required subject. The whole idea behind the teaser text is to get the person visiting the site to click "Read More". The purpose of a blogpost isn't to be very long and convoluted. It is to answer a question the reader has.

Can I use this in Wordpress?

Something to be noted up front, is that Hyperblogging is not very compatible with Wordpress sites. That is, unless you have multi blogging capabilities inside your Wordpress site. 50Bubbles uses DNN (previously known as DotNetNuke) as the CMS platform for their Hyperblogging needs, as each new page can be a new blog, thereby segmenting the different themes in the blog increasing the SEO capabilities for the website. That's not to say that Wordpress can't be used for Hyperblogging.

Wordpress blogs are known for being able to optimize well, and Wordpress is probably responsible for bringing blogging to the mainstream. However, because Wordpress is so widely used, it's also easier to hack than some sites, and that's the reason 50Bubbles has chosen to focus on using DNN for their Hyperblogging. The other reason for 50Bubbles not employing the use of Wordpress, is that to create a new blog theme, one would have to load an entire new blog framework onto the site, which is quite laborious.

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