How to Create Templates on a DNN Website

How to Create Templates on a DNN Website

The best DNN websites have one common feature – templates. The template is a tool to create a standard layout and appearance across various websites or within content regions.

The appearance of your website will greatly matter in presenting your content. Standardizing the appearance and content will be good for branding purposes, which will encourage more people to visit and keep returning to your website. There are three levels of templates namely module template, page template and site template.

A module template will standardize a particular feature or element on a webpage. A page template will standardize the layout and feel of every webpage. A site template will standardize the look and layout of the entire website.

Using templates will be ideal in putting standard elements in every page or site so that visitors will become familiar with the layout and navigate conveniently. You should learn how to create templates which will adequately guide visitors through your website.

Creating Templates on the DNN Website

1. To create a template for a module, begin by going to the Manage box featuring the gear icon. Click on “Export Content”. In this example, you will be creating a template for the “Location” module on the website, allowing site users to navigate and have more options with regard to that particular feature.

Template View

2. A window will appear where you will choose a folder on your portal where you will store the template file. The template file is only an XML file. Click on the Folder tab to select from a provided list. The folder you choose will be the place where your templates will be kept. After you select a folder, the “File” field will automatically display the module title. You may add more specifics to the file name. Once you are done, click on “Export”.


3. It may seem as if nothing happened but the XML file has actually already been created with the content. To view the file, check via FTP using Filezilla. The local computer will be displayed on the left side while the remote website will be displayed on the right side. Go to the “Portals” folder, then go to “0” folder which is the root folder of the portal. Select the “Templates” folder and you will find the template file that you recently exported. It should appear in the file name you provided.


With the creation of such templates, your website will be more presentable and easy to navigate for users. These will adequately guide website visitors to perform various functions as well as make it quick and convenient for them to search for specific elements on your site, regardless of the page they are currently on. Always use templates when creating a DNN website for added consistency and uniformity in presenting content.

Stay tuned for our next feature on adding a page template and a site template!

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